Waves is a profesional website where you can find more than 100 VST plugins and hardware. If you are a producer, singer or song writer than Waves is your website. I use on the moment Waves Tune Real-Time VST. This VST plugin is awsome! A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance, in the studio or live on stage. Waves Tune Real-Time provides smooth, natural-sounding vocal pitch correction instantly and automatically, as soon as the notes leave the singer’s mouth. Designed for live performances as well as pre-production, tracking and mixing in the studio, the plugin’s innovative pitch detection and correction technologies ensure that the tuned vocal retains the vocalist’s natural vocal sound. Producers, engineers and performers can use the plugin for subtle pitch correction, but also as a creative pitch quantization effect – all in real time.

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